Sunday, November 22, 2009



(Rockin' some curls!)

Hello! I am the newest member to finally go natural!! My last dose of creamy crack was Novemeber 16th 2009. So the beginning stages of transitioning! Pray for me as I am tempted to go back to the creamy crack!

Katrina (still permed)

Yo! I am about 2 months past my last relaxer. So far so good , though I am desperately looking for other tansition styles! Right now I am wearing the twist outs about to attempt a braid out....stay tune for pics!


(Kinky Twists!)

Wow, my last relaxer was January 14, 2008!! I am approaching two years! I must admit it took me long time to show my lil fro. I wore braids and wraps for most of the first year. This past summer I took my braids out and wore my fro out! It felt great! Now, my hair is back in braids but I am looking forward to experimenting with new styles when I take them out. I will definately be posting my trials and errors!!


(Twist n' Curl..inspired by )

My last relaxer was June 2007. I transitioned with straw curls and braid extensions until January 2008 , when I did my BC(Big Chop). I have successfully stayed the course with the help of youtube videos and natural hair blogs. My current goal is to grow my hair waist-length. I am trying out different protective hair styles and mosturizing methods. I will be posting pictures of my different proective styles!

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