Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey All!

Hey All,

Treneka Here! How was your weekend?Mine was bittersweet!!I was so thankful that my dad has some temp work but, it is in New Mexico! So sunday we took him to the airport and we wont see him until christmas eve! It was a good morning though, we all went to breakfast and drove the 2 1/2 hours to the airport. Here are some pics:

Hair News:

My braids are starting to look a little rough yet I am finding little time to sit and take them out!! Im thinking after finals!! I will have pics at the end of this with my current hair state. Right now I have been wearing it in a bun for about 2 months. Reason being, my awesome friend braided it , but I apparently got the wrong hair so the ends are jacked up --- result BUN for 2 months LOL!

Sunday, November 22, 2009



(Rockin' some curls!)

Hello! I am the newest member to finally go natural!! My last dose of creamy crack was Novemeber 16th 2009. So the beginning stages of transitioning! Pray for me as I am tempted to go back to the creamy crack!

Katrina (still permed)

Yo! I am about 2 months past my last relaxer. So far so good , though I am desperately looking for other tansition styles! Right now I am wearing the twist outs about to attempt a braid out....stay tune for pics!


(Kinky Twists!)

Wow, my last relaxer was January 14, 2008!! I am approaching two years! I must admit it took me long time to show my lil fro. I wore braids and wraps for most of the first year. This past summer I took my braids out and wore my fro out! It felt great! Now, my hair is back in braids but I am looking forward to experimenting with new styles when I take them out. I will definately be posting my trials and errors!!


(Twist n' Curl..inspired by )

My last relaxer was June 2007. I transitioned with straw curls and braid extensions until January 2008 , when I did my BC(Big Chop). I have successfully stayed the course with the help of youtube videos and natural hair blogs. My current goal is to grow my hair waist-length. I am trying out different protective hair styles and mosturizing methods. I will be posting pictures of my different proective styles!